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August 29, 2023 - admin

How to Build a Collaborative Nonprofit Board Team

To help non-profit organizations effectively accomplish their goals they require a team of board members who are collaborative. Collaboration can be a difficult task for many boards. This article provides some key strategies to create and nurture a productive board team.

Communication is essential. Make sure to inform new members of their duties and responsibilities. It is essential to define the roles of each member of the partnership. This will ensure that members actively take part in board meetings, arrive prepared to discussions and fully endorse the vision and goals of the organization. It is also important to communicate the financial expectations of new and existing members. This will promote a healthy discussion and will help in managing expectations.

Nonprofits are limited in personnel, resources and skills to do everything they'd like to accomplish. Collaboration with other nonprofits can allow them to reach a greater audience and have a greater impact. Nonprofits need to be cautious about the projects for which they want to collaborate and ensure that everyone is benefitting. This will result in positive outcomes and create win-win scenarios.

In the scenario above, Family Focus & CYC were able to leverage their resources to offer more services. This enabled both organizations to increase their outreach and help more families, without increasing their budgets. It also allowed CYC to send new clients to Family Focus and vice versa. The collaboration resulted an increase in the number of families served and a larger social impact than either organization could have accomplished on their own.

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